1-What is the difference between a custom shirt form B.Bogie's Collection and one I can buy at other places?

When you buy a shirt at retail, remember you are always buying off the rack and designed to fit a wide range of shapes and sizes. It is very unlikely that you will find a garment that fits you perfectly. A custom shirt from B.Bogie's Collection accents your best features while fitting perfectly to your unique body shape. We also offer additional features: * Hand picked buttons and linings


 For custom shirts

    - Hand-cut, hand turned collars
    - Monograms
    - Generous tails
    - Over twelve collar style to choose from (We can even duplicate your favorite shirt)

 And we have service for Online Custom Tailors, that you can shopping on our website like a shopping in our shop.

2-How much does it cost?

Shirts run from us $ (45) to $(100). We have vast range of different top quality fabrics to choose  from. 

3-Is it possible to be alter (free of charge) if I lose weight or gain weight?

Of course yes we provide a free alteration service for the old clients that have suits from US. And we also keep an extra allowance all around so you can very easily alter it when you gain weight.



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