B.Bogie’s Collections & New Landmark Fashion opened for Business in the year 1975. The first store was established (open) by our Father Mr. Bob in 1975 in downtown Bangkok. His Motto was “HOT CLOTHES AT COOL PRICE”, Bangkok as you all know is in the tropical region and the weather here is hot and humid almost the whole year.

So, The motto (his holy Mantra) really worked and we open our second store soon Prince joined the business after finishing his Fashion Designing Course from Germany. Now both the stores are being look after by Prince & Mike (Who also joined the Business after Graduating from the same Fashion Scholl from Germany) respectively. Our first trip outside Thailand was in Europe in the year 1989, since then Prince and Mike have been very active in meeting their clients and friends around Europe and the U.S.A.

We make several trips to the U.S.A and also to other Europeans Countries. You may contact us and make an appointment if you which to make new Clothes for yourself.



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